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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s June.  The flowers are blooming, the weather is finally nice (for most of us).  Instead of being woken up by my son at 5 am every morning, I now get woken up by a chorus of birds at 4 am.  These are all signs that spring is in the air.  That means that Father’s Day is right around the corner.

If your husband is anything like mine, he ignores all the prompting for clues of what he may want. I think in reality, if we aren’t getting him another piece to his train set (that just sits in the basement and never gets used), then he really doesn’t care what he gets. And, if your Dad is anything like mine, after 37 Father’s Days he pretty much got everything you can imagine.  So it’s always a challenge coming up with ideas.

Here are some of my favorite past presents; quirky and fun, but surpringly useful:

1. SuckUK magnetic bottle opener – This was the all-time best and most-used present.  I got it for my husband a few years ago and he uses it everyday.  There’s no fumbling around in drawers to find a bottle opener. And it’s got an awesome name.

2. Electric Fly Swatter – This is one of those presents for the Dad who has everything.  It’s especially nice if he hate bugs.

3. Blooming flower tea – I got this for my dad, who loves tea, a few years ago.  The tea actually tasted kind of gross, but it looks really cool.

4. Bottle opener flip flops – I actually have a pair of these, and so does my brother.  If he didn’t already have a pair, this is what I would get him for Father’s Day.  They are so handy when you’re at the beach or a barbecue.

5. Digital meat thermometer – Although, my husband still refuses to use it (he thinks he will just know when the steak is done), it is very handy.  Being a vegetarian, I’m not really interested in his undercooked burgers, but I use the thermometer to make sure he doesn’t get himself or anyone else sick. I guess that’s really my gift to him.

So, what will it be this year? I haven’t decided yet.  But I have a few things in mind.  Do you have any fun ideas for Father’s Day presents?  I’d love to hear about them.

Bottle Opener


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My Story.

This is my first attempt at a blog. Until now, I couldn’t really think of anything that anyone would want to read about that I would actually want to write about, but we’ll get to that later.  First, I want to introduce myself.

Who am I?  In a nutshell, I am your typical busy working mom.  Like most, I always have more on my to do list than can actually get done.  I commute from the suburbs to the city for work, but luckily can telecommute regularly, so I can spend time with my family.

Now, back to the blog. This idea came to me as I was loading all my various daily necessities into this brand new purse and I zipped it up… whoosh. Off goes the zipper. Seriously, I just got back from the mall and, I really didn’t want to go back and return it – what a waste of time.

As I was hand pressing the zipper teeth together, I thought “I wonder how many people would know how to do this, or would care enough to salvage this, or would just throw it out?”  It seems like this happens to me all the time. Things are always breaking.  Some times if something is really expensive I wind up taking it back, but for the cheap items it will take more time and cost more in fuel for the return trip to the store.  So, fixing it myself is the better option.  And then there are always those items that I’ve had just long enough to no longer have a receipt, but not long enough to want to throw away.

I thought about blogging about how cheaply things are made these days, but that would just insight a bunch of angry people, and it’s really not my style. Then, I thought it might be fun to have a blog that not only talks about the various mishaps from cheaply made products, but also gives tips and tricks on how to fix them.  I might even throw in a few daily time saving tips of my own.

So that’s where I am now.  Starting a blog about quick-fix-its and tips.  This is not going to be your typical “how to fix the kitchen sink” type of site.  It’s all stuff that I encounter regularly, and all things that anyone can do.  So hopefully you can pick up a few tips and maybe even learn a thing or two. If not, I hope you at least enjoy the stories.

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