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Appliance Fixes

Dishwasher, open and loaded with dishes

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What do you do after a long, tough day at work?  How about fix your dishwasher?  That’s what I did. Of course, not without a glass of wine and a pre-recorded episode of Glee.  That’s the way things go in the Quick Fix household these days.

For the last year, our dishwasher has been slowly falling apart piece by piece.  For every piece that fell off and melted on the heating element, the cleanliness of the dishes would degrade another degree.  I had done some research on new dishwashers and decided that the quality of the one we currently had was better than the quality of any new one that we could afford. So it was probably worth fixing.

A couple days ago, after the last possible piece that I could tolerate fell off, I decided to investigate.  All of the pieces that have been falling off were plastic simple parts.  There must be a way just to get these parts and put them back on without involving a repair man.

So, now we cut to the free advertising, earned media portion of my blog:

This website is the best website ever:  I will gladly give them as many link-backs as possible.

I was able to plug in the model # of my dishwasher and look up the problems that I was having.  They told me what parts I needed to buy and replace.  They also provide instructional videos for replacing everything.  And, especially helpful are the customer comments on how they replaced the parts themselves. The accounts of how easy it was and how well it worked gave me the confidence to do this all myself.

So here we are 20 minutes and $30 later, and 1 dishwasher fixed.  I saved myself what probably would have been  a $150 repair visit.  Next up: replacing the ice maker in the freezer.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


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Puzzle Pieces Everywhere

Puzzle pieces, artistic impression

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So those of you that have young children can relate to this. How many times do you walk through a room and encounter random puzzle pieces lying around?  As we accumulate more puzzles, keeping them organized is a challenge.  The puzzle boxes are so big and bulky and take up so much space that you don’t want to keep them. And, even if you do keep them, after a couple of uses by a 2 year old boy, they are are demolished. The sides fold down and pieces start falling out in every direction.

A few years ago, I started keeping those heavy plastic zippered bags that sheets come in.  I just felt bad trowing them away because they were so substantial. I figured I could probably use them for something. Well, now I finally have a use for them.  Most of them have little slot in front where the product information was displayed.  I cut out a picture of the puzzle from the puzzle box, write the number of pieces in the puzzle, and insert it into the little pocket.  I find that these bags also work well for matching game cards and other small games that come with lots of pieces.

If you happen to have a few extra minutes available you can even mark the back of the puzzle pieces with a colored marker so that if you have a few puzzles out at a time it is easy to see which pieces belong in which bag.


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