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Tip of the Week – Recycle Those Old Bows


Image by hawaii via Flickr

After every holiday, we must throw away dozens of those gift bows. It always seems like such a waste.  You pull them off of your present, stick them on your head for a bit, and that’s it.  I love the idea of being able to reuse them as something else.

This tip just presented itself today.  I was rushing around trying to pack for a quick weekend trip upstate, and remembered we needed to pack our belated Father’s Day present for my Father-in-Law.  Of course, it wasn’t wrapped and I didn’t really have time to drop everything and wrap it. So I was looking for a quick solution for making it look like a gift, while also getting it packed in less than 2 minutes.

I happened to have some tissue paper easily accessible so I pulled that down.  Since I was wrapping a round object (a lovely piece of sand art in a baseball shaped bottle that my son made), the tissue paper  worked well to cover it. But, I needed something to hold it closed. Tape; rubber band; string – all readily accessible, but not visually appealing.  Then I remembered my son has been playing with an old bow from his birthday and it was kicking around the room some where.  It no longer had any adhesive properties and it was falling apart. I realized this bow was made from 1 long string of ribbon that was just folded over and stapled.  So I pulled it apart and used the ribbon.  Perfect.

You can re-use the ribbon in those bows for so many practical things:  keeping cords/cables organized by tying them together so they don’t get tangled; tie your yoga mat closed so you can carry it easily; tie up plants to a stake or up a trellis.

Here are some fun uses for the ribbons: Tie it around a plain jar to create a quick and fun vase, tie around a napkin for a quick informal napkin ring, cut it up into pieces and create confetti.

Can you think of any other ways of re-using these old bows?



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Best Green Book

I picked up this $5 book at Kohl’s: the green book.  It’s the easiest guide to being green that I’ve ever seen.  It’s basically a book full of suggestions.  I love it.  Most of the stuff in it is so simple.  I was also happy to see that many of the things in the book I am already doing.  You should pick it up.  It’s also a Kohl’s Cares for kids ®book.  That means that all the profits from the book goes to children’s health and education initiatives.

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