Halloween – Sugar Mania

candy haul

Do you give out treats on Halloween?  Or are you one of those people that turns out the lights and pretends you’re not home?  Here’s a tip if you’re hiding: You’re not fooling anyone. The kids know your there.  It’s understandable if you don’t want to participate in the evening.  It’s a scary night.  Once the sugar-high kicks in those cute ghouls and ghosts turn into crazy monsters.  Here are some non-sugary treats that I like to give out, that won’t bust your wallet, or leave the trick-or-treaters wishing you actually were hiding.

For everyone:

  1. Pretzels – Utz sells small bags of mini pretzels just for Halloween – most of the stores carry them.
  2. Goldfish – you can buy snack packs of the goldfish crackers
  3. Fruit Leather
  4. Boxes of raisins
  5. Mini-bags of nuts/sunflower seeds


For the Young Kids:

  1. Stickers and window clings – The little kids really like the stickers of movie charaters ala Toy Story and Cars.  You can cut  the sheets in half to have more to go around.
  2. Mini Play-doh – These are a little more expensive.  Save these for the really little ones
  3. Mini bubbles


For the Older Kids:

  1. Pencils/pens – you can get pencils in so many themes (sports teams, movie characters, flowers, dinosaurs, etc.).  If you plan ahead you can buy them online in bulk packs of 25-100.  If you don’t plan ahead they sell special Halloween themed pencil eraser set at most drug stores.
  2. Mini Erasers

And, you can always find more ideas at your local dollar store.

Happy Halloween!!!!


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